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Urology Clinic Location

Australian Urology Associates offer comprehensive urological consultations at two locations in Brighton, VIC 3186, in addition to other urology clinic locations throughout Victoria. 

134 Bay Street, Brighton 3186

Suite 6 – 243 New Street, Brighton 3186 (Cabrini Brighton)

To book a urology consultation in Brighton, please call 03 8506 3600

Telehealth video consultations can also be provided where appropriate.

View other urology clinic locations where urologists at AUA consult. 

urologist in melbourne putting on surgical mask in preparation for surgical procedure to treat urological cancers

Get directions to the urology clinic at 134 Bay Street, Brighton, VIC

Get directions to the urology clinic at Suite 6 - 243 New Street, Brighton, VIC


Consulting urologists in Brighton, providing excellence in urological care, diagnostic procedures, and medical treatments to women and men for a wide range of urologic disorders and cancers.

Urological Conditions

Some urological conditions and services that urologists offer and consult patients on in Brighton include:

View the extensive list of urological conditions and services that AUA urologists offer expertise on.

Urology consulting locations

AUA urologists consult at these locations throughout Victoria, and our partner hospitals are where major surgery or invasive procedures is conducted.