Associate Professor Jeremy GrummetMBBS, MS, FRACS

    Jeremy completed formal training in urology obtaining his FRACS in 2007.  The following year he completed a Clinical Uro-Oncology Fellowship under the supervision of Dr Martin Gleave at the Prostate Centre in Vancouver, Canada. During his Fellowship year Jeremy helped establish the robotic prostatectomy program at Vancouver General Hospital and completed a Robotic Surgery Mini-Residency at the University of California Irvine.

    Jeremy has presented widely at multiple national and international conferences on the benefits of surgery for high risk localised prostate cancer, and is a strong advocate for active surveillance for low risk prostate cancer to minimise unnecessary morbidity (Cabrini Newsletter April 2013).  He is an investigator on the PRIAS study, which is the largest worldwide study assessing outcomes for patients on active surveillance. 

    Jeremy has extensive experience in performing MRI targeted-transperineal prostate biopsy for diagnosis of prostate cancer.  This technique provides excellent tissue sampling as well as a negligible risk of serious infection.  As part of his commitment to reducing the infective complications of the standard technique of prostate biopsy (TRUS), Jeremy is conducting multiple clinical research projects on prostate biopsy and established the Victorian Transperineal Biopsy Collaboration (VTBC) research group. In 2014 Jeremy also established the Epworth MRI Prostate Multidisciplinary Meeting and supervised a Bachelor of Medical Science student in research on TRUS biopsy sepsis, and in 2015 supervised a Master of Surgery student in research on the role of MRI in prostate cancer diagnosis.

    Jeremy is involved in additional clinical research as an investigator in multi-centre trials including the assessment of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in patients with advanced prostate cancer, and sexual dysfunction in men on medical therapy for LUTS. Jeremy is the lead investigator on a randomised control trial on pain relief in TRUS biopsy, winning a $600,000 NHMRC grant as part of an ANZUP team.

    Jeremy performs robotic and open radical prostatectomy at Epworth Richmond and Cabrini Malvern, and other major cancer surgery including radical cystectomy for bladder cancer and laparoscopic nephrectomy for kidney cancer.  In addition to his expertise in uro-oncology, Jeremy also treats a wide range of general urological problems, including laser treatment of kidney stones, benign prostate disease and vasectomy.

    Jeremy is a Consultant Urologist at the Alfred Hospital, where he is Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery of Monash University.  Jeremy is Chair of the Alfred Genito-Urinary Cancer Multidisciplinary Team, and has been Clinical Supervisor of final year medical students rotating through the Alfred Urology Unit.

    Jeremy consults at AUA’s main rooms and Cabrini Hospital in Malvern.  He also consults at Wyndam Private Medical Centre in Werribee, and at Bairnsdale Hospital in East Gippsland. He operates at Epworth Hospital Richmond, Cabrini Hospital Malvern, Masada Hospital in East St Kilda and Bairnsdale Hospital.  Jeremy also routinely conducts Telehealth video consultations for patients living in rural and remote areas.  Telehealth consultations are also available for interstate patients where appropriate.

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