Erectile dysfunction is very common and you should not be afraid to ask for help.

For men suffering erectile dysfunction either as a result of prostate cancer treatment or due to other conditions such as diabetes, there are a number of options available to help restore satisfactory erections.

Our doctors at AUA can outline all options and employs dedicated, experienced and empathetic staff to help men trial different methods and choose which is best for them

For definitive treatment a penile prosthesis can be inserted through a minor surgical procedure.  Such implants have been used for over 50 years and using a pump hidden discreetly under the scrotal skin, allow an erection to be produced on demand.

Our doctors have extensive experience in such procedures and a recent study we have conducted is one of the first in Australia to assess outcomes of men undergoing insertion of a penile prosthesis and will be published in 2017.  This confirms patient and partner satisfaction rates of  90% with even higher scores for self esteem, confidence and their relationship.

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