Prostate MRIs will improve accuracy of diagnosis
Prostate cancer is a big killer of men in Australia, but a new diagnosis tool will improve the situation.
Prostate cancer sufferers avoid surgery
An increasing number of Australian men are choosing to have their prostate cancer monitored in the hope they can be spared potentially damaging surgery or radiotherapy treatment, doctors say.
Robotic surgery can cut the cost divide
Robotic surgery has come of age and is mature enough to deal with men’s ­private business in public hospitals. It is widely available in the private sector and now there’s a push to make it equally available in the public sector. In public hospitals, most men have open surgery, which is some $4000 cheaper, but a new analysis has shown that robotic operations can be as cost effective.
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Urologists are specialist surgeons who provide care for patients with symptoms and diseases affecting both the male genito-urinary tract and the female urinary tract.

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As a large group of urologists, AUA offers rapid access to urological services, with a minimal waiting period for consultations.

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